When obtaining finance, the benefits of seeking out a qualified mortgage broker over an everyday potential borrower can be hefty.

AHJ Lending Services director, Grant Bielenberg said there are a large number of people that go directly to their existing bank when deciding to apply for a home loan.

“However, if this is your strategy, you may be missing out on some significant benefits,” Grant said.

“Banks are no different to department stores and run specials on their lending products at different times, using a broker will help you make the most of the sales and locate the best loan for your situation.

“Professional mortgage brokers not only save you money when finding you the right loan but they remove the stress and hassle involved.”

Grant said one of the most significant advantages of a broker over a bank is the choice.

“When you sit in front of a broker you are sitting in front of 20 plus Lenders and 250 additional products versus visiting a branch lender who has access to only one bank’s products.

“Brokers take the legwork out of looking for the loan and will complete all necessary paperwork and also follow through with the lender on yourself until the loan is settled.

“Brokers have excellent industry experience and have an extensive Banking background and run their businesses, they are committed to their clients and aim to create a lasting relationship as opposed to a Branch lender who is less likely to answer your call in 6 months’ time.”

Grant said brokers specialise in all types of residential lending. They can assist whether it is your first property or your fifteenth, investment lending and consolidating a variety of debts.

“They can also assist with more complex style with Trusts and Company lending, as well as Self, Managed Super Funds,” he said.

Whether it’s personal or, commercial AHJ Lending Services can assist you with your brokerage needs when it comes to property and vehicle finance.