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Single touch payroll is coming

2020-04-28T11:01:37+10:008th April 2019|Accounting, Cloud Accounting|

Significant changes to the way small businesses report salary and wages, taxation and superannuation contributions to the Australian Tax Office are set to take effect on 1 July 2019.

AH Jackson & Co partner Ben Odgers said the new single touch payroll system allowed for direct reporting of information to the ATO when

Head up in the clouds

2020-04-28T11:00:52+10:0027th November 2017|Cloud Accounting|

What do a pastry chef, a construction project manager and a creative design director have in common? As small-business owners, each followed their passion and interest so they could spend their careers doing what they love (which does not include hours of accounting and bookkeeping).

Traditionally, businesses install an accounting program locally on their computer and