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AHJ Lending Services

27th November 2017|Lending Services|

As partners, we have had many clients let down by poor customer service from banks, either by prolonging the application process or not reducing loans when

Head up in the clouds

27th November 2017|Cloud Accounting|

What do a pastry chef, a construction project manager and a creative design director have in common? As small-business owners, each followed their passion and interest

Self-managed superannuation funds move towards real time reporting

27th November 2017|Superannuation|

Recent changes to the superannuation monitoring and reporting regime means that self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) will increasingly be required to provide real time and up-to-date data

Choosing a broker over a Bank

26th November 2017|Lending Services|

When obtaining finance, the benefits of seeking out a qualified mortgage broker over an everyday potential borrower can be hefty. AHJ Lending Services director, Grant Bielenberg

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