Super savings and strategies

2023-06-21T10:43:14+10:0021st June 2023|Accounting, News, Taxation|

Author: Karina Heydon

Tax deductions for topping up super

You can make up to $27,500 in concessional contributions each year assuming your super balance has not reached its limit. If the contributions made by your employer or under a salary sacrifice agreement have not reached this $27,500 limit, you can make a personal contribution and claim

What’s the deal with working from home?

2023-03-28T12:59:24+10:0028th March 2023|Accounting, News, Taxation|

Author: Karina Heydon

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has updated its approach to how you claim expenses for working from home.

The ATO has ‘refreshed’ the way you can claim deductions for the costs you incur when you work from home. From 1 July 2022 onwards, you can choose either to use a new ‘fixed rate’

FBT-free Electric Cars

2023-03-28T12:59:00+10:0028th March 2023|Accounting, Taxation|

Author: Shaun Allen

The Bill containing the FBT exemption for electric cars passed through Parliament on 28 November 2022 and has passed Royal Assent.

Electric vehicles (EV) represent just under 2% of the new car market in Australia but it is a rapidly growing sector with a 62.3% jump in new EV registrations between 2020 and

Queensland scraps new land tax changes

2022-12-12T12:50:33+10:0012th December 2022|Accounting, News, Taxation|

Queensland backs down on Australia wide land tax assessment
The Queensland Government has backed away from an amendment that would have seen the land tax rate for investment property in Queensland assessed on the value of the investor’s Australia wide land holdings from 1 July 2023, not just the value of their Queensland

Our top 4 Christmas tax questions

2022-12-12T12:50:15+10:0012th December 2022|News, Taxation|

Every year, we are asked about the tax impact of various Christmas or holiday related gestures. Here are our 4 top issues:

Staff gifts
The key to Christmas presents for your team is to keep the gift spontaneous, infrequent, and from a tax perspective, below $300 per person. $300 is the minor

Can I claim my crypto losses?

2022-10-25T15:34:53+10:0028th September 2022|Accounting, Taxation|

The ATO has released updated information on claiming cryptocurrency losses and gains in your tax return.

The first point to understand is that gains and losses from crypto are only reported in your tax return when you dispose of it – you sell it, convert it to fiat currency, exchange it for another

How to sell your business

2022-09-28T21:10:49+10:0028th September 2022|Accounting, Advisory, Taxation|

We’re often asked the best way to sell a business.

There are two key components at play in the sale of a business: structuring the transaction; and positioning the business to the market. Both elements are important and can significantly impact your result.

Structuring the transaction covers areas such as pricing the business, the